Journaling Thru Life

As a writer, I’ve created endless content for many different outlets. What I haven’t done, that is up until now, is create content for myself that I can share. My work has kept me focused on telling stories, sharing information, creating fun and interesting, and at times educational material, for a variety of different areas. So, I’ve finally decided, why not spread the love and share some of those experiences first-hand in one central location.

I’ve always loved to write and from a young age that passion took on many different forms. From recording my days in a diary, to writing more detailed confessions in a journal, my childhood up through later years was documented in some form. I always knew I was destined to become a writer, I just needed to rediscover that passion; I’m thankful for second acts. I’m a true believer that “what is for you will not pass you.”

So while I continue to tell stories, I’ll also be sharing my adventures right here, as I continue my childhood tradition of “Journaling thru Life.” I’d love it if you all came along for the ride!